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GWT 1.7.0 Out
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I was sort of startled that the log in my 1.6.4 hosted mode told me that a new version of GWT was available. 1.7.0 is out now. Seems like 1.6 just came out. 1.7 has a few browser compatibility enhancements and a potentially breaking bug fix From the GWT site:

What's New in GWT 1.7?
GWT 1.7 adds explicit support for Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5, and Safari 4 as well as a few high-priority bug fixes. In all other respects, it is very similar to GWT 1.6. Note, however, that this release is version 1.7 rather than version 1.6.5 to signify a potentially breaking change for libraries that use deferred binding to specialize code based on user agent (see the next section for technical details).


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