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Poster Just Broke
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Poster, a donation-ware OS X off-line blog post editor and (surprise) poster, has broken in the last couple of days. It appears to be choking on an unknown bit of xml coming from google. Downloading posts fails with an error, and syslog has big nasty stack trace. Turns out Poster's a Java app. Ha! Unrecognized element 'extendedProperty'.
Message: Unrecognized element 'extendedProperty'.
at$ElementHandler.getChildHandler(Unknown Source)
at$ExtensionHandler.getChildHandler(Unknown Source)
at$AtomHandler.getChildHandler(Unknown Source)
at Source)
I just pulled down the list of posts
And it looks like the culprit is this.
<gd:extendedProperty xmlns:gd=''
extendedProperty was part of the gData api in version 1.0. Why would this suddenly break existing code? Did google just start parking my Open Social id in the feed recently? And why should it matter?

So, I mean, what the crap? I'm bummed -- I really like using Poster, even if the editing's a bit rudimentary. Normally, I use a combination of it, Intellij Idea, and the Blogger editor to put posts together. Poster has a nice bit of previewing, some slightly helpful html tag generation, and has just pretty much mostly worked.

Guess more probing is needed.


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