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Joining Yahoo! YSlow: Google Page Speed
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A couple of days ago Google released an internal tool called Page Speed for analyzing and optimizing web pages:
Page Speed is a tool we've been using internally to improve the performance of our web pages -- it's a Firefox Add-on integrated with Firebug. When you run Page Speed, you get immediate suggestions on how you can change your web pages to improve their speed. For example, Page Speed automatically optimizes images for you, giving you a compressed image that you can use immediately on your web site. It also identifies issues such as JavaScript and CSS loaded by your page that wasn't actually used to display the page, which can help reduce time your users spend waiting for the page to download and display.
Page Speed is a lot like Yahoo!'s YSlow, Firebug plugin. Page Speed sort of leap frogs YSlow, though. While YSlow gives excellent general advice, Page Speed gives more detailed analyses.

There's also a "Page Speed Activity" feature, which produces a live timeline of browser events:

I'm not busting on YSlow, by the way. It's still awesome. Google just added a couple of notches of awesome, though.


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