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Install Google Gears on Safari 4
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I just went to Google Calendar on my shiny new MacBook Pro and tried to turn on offline access. The Gears installation page said that Gears isn't supported for Safari 4! Yikes!

There's nothing up on the Gears Blog and this hint, Install a workable Google Gears for Safari 4 Beta didn't pertain, since I've never had Gears installed on this computer.

I decided to faked out the Gears site by changing my User Agent Safari 3.2.3. So far things seem to be working. Here's what you do:

Go to Safari's preferences and turn on the Develop menu:

Change the User Agent for the browser:

Go to and go through the install process. After restarting Safari, you should see this:

So far, it seems to be working fine. I'm hoping that the supposed incompatibility is just Google being overly cautious about versioning.


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