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Helpful OSGi Container Post
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There was a really excellent talk on OSGi by Don Brown at JavaOne 2009 called "The Web on OSGi - Here's How" (The slides are available on his blog). Since, I've been trying to read and sort out how best to use it.

This post on has been helping me sort out which container to use. There doesn't appear to be one, single best container, only ones which are bigger, smaller, or more or less compliant with the current standard. Everything I've read and Mr. Brown's talk suggest that developers are fairly agnostic about choice of container.

Felix appears to be among the most compliant and lightest. Eclipse Equinox is sort of the implementation, and it has great Eclipse implementation -- both a blessing and a horrible curse. I actually don't want to have to use Eclipse. Sorry, I'm a total sucker for Idea. Also, I want to have do set things up at least a little bit by hand. Eclipse is too Wizardy for my taste and will lead me down a path of temptation and iniquity, I have no doubt. Also, Equiox is something like 2-3 times the size of the lighter weight containers.

So far, the worst thing about Felix is the downloads page. It's awesome that it's busted into lots of little subprojects for modularity, but man, it sucks that it's busted into lots of little subprojects. What do I grab???

(The other day I also mentioned the Open Text OSGi In Practice. It's serving as an excellent tutorial.)


Alex Blewitt said...

Please note that it's entirely possible to use Equinox without using the Eclipse IDE. I've used it with both InitelliJ and Netbeans without any issues in the past.

t said...

That's an excellent point and i was too quick to suggest otherwise. My thinking was that the integration between Equinox and Eclipse is really good and since I don't want to use Eclipse, I don't want to use Equinox... I think my logic got faulty.

I'll need to give Equinox a fair shake, clearly.

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